TARSAN offers an extensive line of high quality boards which include:  404, BARK, BOB PEARSON, COREBAN, HOVIE, LAIRD, NAISH, RIVIERASANDWICH ISLANDS COMPOSITES (SIC), STARBOARD, SURFTECH, YOLO and custom shaped boards.

How to find "your" board.  You have to first determine what kind of SUPing you will be doing.  Do you want to be on a flat water race board or charge massive waves all winter?  Are you just going to be cruising the coastline or braving the open ocean swells on downwind runs?  TARSAN has race boards for flat water, made for speed; flat bottom boards with the sharp "V" in the nose to displace water.  These are used by the best of the best, to race and tour anywhere from 30 mile races to 200 mile paddles!  For those races where the water isn't so friendly, TARSAN carries the Bullet Series made by SIC.  With a higher volume, extra rockers and a concave bottom, these boards will keep you competitive in the Catalina Channel and Ka'iwi Channel.  TARSANhas cruisers to have fun on, while getting a killer workout.  These boards range from 9 feet to 12 feet, and have the wave riding ability with the right amount of foam to put on some mileage.  TARSAN carries some insane SUP surfing boards from COREBAN, STARBOARD, NAISH and LAIRD.

 Some of the boards we carry at TARSANare:


These boards are good for all conditions and otherwise known as "all rounders".  All rounders are good for flat water workouts,     cruising (or touring as it is sometimes called) and can even catch a wave or two.  These are not boards you will take across a 20 mile channel, but are great for coastal touring.


Flat water is kind of a loose term.  This term refers to paddling in lakes, marinas and the ocean on calm days.  Flat water boards  come in all shapes and sizes from keel designs to rounded nose surfboard looking shapes.


Race boards, or fitness boards, are all the rage and stand-up racing is a TON of fun.  Not sure which part is more fun, the actual racing or the community you join at your first race.  Contrasting a race board to the above two types is like the difference between your beach cruiser and top racing bike.  

  • SIC - TARSAN is the exclusive distributor of race boards by Sandwich Island Composites (SIC) carrying both the down wind Bullet  series and the flat water X Series.  Designed by Mark Raaphorst, SIC boards are designed for speed and agility.  Their sleek styling, piercing waterlines, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail have earned SIC the reputation of being the "Ferrari of SUP boards".  The 14' and 17' Bullet as well as the F-16 offer an Active Steering System.  SIC boards come in two different construction layups.  TWCC the most durable yet heaviest and SCC which is a carbon layup about 5 pounds lighter.  Some boards are even offered as a Double Carbon Composite which is the lightest but will always include the Active Steering System.  
  • 404 - TARSAN offers 404 race boards designed by champion paddler Danny Ching.  Danny Ching is local to the South Bay.   Training in the South Bay on a daily basis gives Danny the research time needed to design and make one of the fastest boards in the industry. No guarantee that you will be as fast as Danny on a 404 but, it's a start.  Danny is often seen in the TARSAN shop.
  • LAIRD - A variety of SUP pioneer Laird Hamilton's boards can be found at TARSAN and certainly his race boards are among the most sought after in the industry. If Laird is riding them, why aren't you?


Surfing is a blast but once you add a paddle to the mix, it gets really interesting.  There is no greater feeling then turning your board around and paddling it into a wave and surfing.  Stand up surfing is just tons of fun.  So it is by no mistake that when the shop was set up - TARSANopted to carry a full line of SUP surf specific boards.  For those boards we did not mess around.  We carry a variety of SUP surf boards such as LAIRD, COREBAN, GERRY LOPEZ just to name a few.  These boards are the best of both worlds; high performance long boards with the maneuverability of a shortboard.


The hybrid boards are boards that are kind of like the All Water in the sense that they do it all, but they lean more towards surfing.  A lot of our customers purchase hybrids - they want to go out and paddle flat water for a while and then paddle surf.   Our LAIRD line is the best example of a hybrid board.  Their boards are really great paddling boards but also high performance surfing boards.


Go to any stand up race and you will undoubtedly see dozens of kids out paddling.  Many board makers are now taking notice of this and making smaller, lighter boards just for kids.  Many of the kids boards you will also find in soft tops.


We know many of the shapers in the industry on a first name basis which means we can help you get a custom board of your choosing - complete with all your own colors, logos and of course, built for what you want; whether it be a race board or a cruising board, we can arrange for you to get the best board built to your personal specifications.  As seen by the board the LA KINGS had TARSAN custom make for Teemu Selanne of the ANAHEIM DUCKS by Pat Ryan.

ALWAYS respect the other surfers in the water whether stand-up paddling or SUP surfing.  Click here to read up on the WPA's suggestions for SUP surf etiquette.