TARSAN believes one of the most important pieces of equipment is the paddle you use.  TARSAN carries a W I D E variety of paddles ranging from all fiberglass, a hybrid of fiberglass and carbon and all carbon.  Paddle blade sizes vary along with pricing.  Our rental paddles are the real thing which allows the customer the opportunity to try different paddles before purchasing.  We have paddles to fit the needs of every paddle (Outrigger too!).  Stop by one of the stores to see which paddle is right for you. 


Laird StandUp has partnered with a global leader in carbon composite technology to develop high-performance monocoque paddles.   These are lightweight, precision-crafted paddles to guarantee the most balance.   Laird paddles are designed by one of the best watermen in the world; hence the name .......LAIRD.


Hippo Sticks are designed by one of the premiere paddle sports athlete in Southern California and is recognize worldwide as a skilled waterman.  Naturally one of the premiere waterman would be using a premiere paddle.  TARSAN carries the full line of Hippo Sticks.  Come on by and see which is the right paddle for you.


The signature feature of all Quickblade paddles is excellent performance.  A quick catch at the beginning and a clean exit at the end of the stroke prompted the name Quickblade.  Only after determining the ultimate requirements for performance, was the compromise of strength, durability, lightweight and cost addressed.  If you are not sure just how great these paddles are, watch any stand-up paddle board race where you will see many of the top professionals paddling a Quickblade.