dsWays To Save Our Sea Lions

The Marine Mammal Care Center, San Pedro 
Most Urgent needs =  Germicidal Bleach, Laundry detergent – liquid or powder​

Small Plastic pools / sandbox (see photo on link) for our new pups to eat in.

Karo light (not reduce sugar) corn syrup & Healthy snack for our volunteers! 

Vitamins, animal care items,  office supplies, electrolyte drinks for volunteers etc.

See the full wish-list and order direct from Amazon

The Marine Mammal Care Center, San Pedro: http://marinemammalcare.org/donations
Pacific Marine Mammal Care Center: http://www.pacificmmc.org/become-a-member

California Wildlife Center: http://www.cawildlife.org/index.php/donate-landing-pg/donate-to-cwc-mnu


The Marine Mammal Care Center, San Pedro


Upcoming Event: June 21st

Summer Solstice SUP Yoga Party

​​Sick sea lion pups seem to have loose, rolling skin and their ribs show through their tiny brown bodies. There is a glaze in their large round eyes. When they flop or lay down on the cement dry areas, it’s not the normal lounging that healthy California sea lions typically do for hours on end.  Even their whiskers seem droopy. 

Sea Lions are dying at alarming rates from malnutrition and dehydration up and down the coast  of California.

In order to help Save Our Seal Lions (SOS), we are raising money forMarine Mammal Care Center, which covers all of Los Angeles County to help facilitate their efforts to rehabilitate these sea lions.