"Great lesson today with Eric. It was my husband's and my first time beyond the marina, and we needed some coaching to navigate the swells. Eric gave great advice and made it fun."

"We've had a terrific experience at TARSAN, ever since our first lesson with Bailey in the winter. We got a family membership in March and love paddling on the weekends."

"Great SUP lesson at TARSAN today with Eric! Our first time out of the marina. Super fun and can't wait to go out again!"

~ Caroline L.

"Great location to rent a paddle board and learn paddle boarding. Safe location behind the breakwater, great views and tons of people out paddle boarding at the same time! Would rent from here again!" 

~ Anthea T.

"Great place to rent paddle boards. I rented a paddle board for my daughter, it was her first time. Payment and reservation on-line was quick and easy. Check in was also quick.  We walked down to the dock where the very helpful staff member gave my daughter a lesson and off we went into the Redondo Beach marina. Water was clean and flat, so easy for beginners. Don't venture out beyond the jetty out into open water unless your a little more experienced. Great service from TARSAN!"
~ John N.

"I went stand-up paddle boarding for the first time ever at TARSAN yesterday and it was a great experience! We initially went to the other TARSAN location in Hermosa Beach, but he checked the surf and since we had never been before, directed us to their harbor location where the water isn't as rough. This was definitely a tip we appreciated!
The staff was all knowledgeable and friendly, helping to make our first time paddle boarding easy and fun! The dock is in a marina with a bunch of boats and seals to see as you're going along, but the views of the water and coast are the real highlight. It's only $35 for 90 minutes, which isn't bad at all, and parking is free in their private lot."
~ Kyle M.

"Believe it or not, I am utterly afraid of the ocean.
One of my bucket list items is to confidently SUP, have fun, and not worry about falling.
Today was my second time taking a semi-private at TARSAN.
After informing Mark, the instructor, of my fears, my prior falls, and anxiety he simply said "I'm confident you can do this"; it was simple. He looked out for me in the water as he did for my partner. It did help that it was a great day; smooth as glass.....until you get out of the harbor :/
One of many fears was to get back to dock without falling or crashing which has happened, we nailed that too! Smooth landing as Mark guided me.
I will be going back weekly with him until I can confidently get out alone and not worry about little ripples and balancing. The goal is to glide, enjoy the Pacific, have fun and get a soothing workout!
My teenager has enjoyed TARSAN summer camps! They explore the harbor and make it fun!

Thanks Mark & Pam!"
~ Karina P.

"If your looking for a fresh summer camp TARSAN SUP kids camp is a must! This will be my daughters 3rd year and if history repeats itself it will be her favorite! Its a great way for kids to have fun, experience marine life and learn respect for the ocean, all in a safe environment."

"My friend made me try a stand-up paddle boarding class and I was more than nervous as i am not a strong swimmer at all, not great with the water. Eric was our instructor and he was awesome-very patient with me. I eventually succeeded ! It was super fun -the marina is a great place to learn. I will never be on the ocean doing this but I will try it on Lake Michigan if the Chicago summer weather cooperates. Totally worth the money if you live or are visiting the South Bay Area! Ask for Eric!"
~ Marla P.

"This is a great business. Staff members are friendly, welcoming and accommodating. They set us up with two SUP rentals, which we paddled out into the marina and breakwater area. Invigorating, yet serene. $35 for 90 minutes of pure elation.
Don't hesitate. Just do it. You'll love it. TARSAN is just the place for you to get started."
~ Marilee V.

"This is an awesome place. Eric was helpful during my SUP session. Felt really comfortable to try it out and get past the breakwater wall. I need to go back again, worth while and relaxing. If you haven't tried it, try it. You'll be glad you did."
~ Eric Z.

"All I can say is - AMAZING!! For my birthday I decided I wanted to try Stand-up Paddle Boarding. I recruited 2 of my besties to do it with me. The minute we arrived the party began. Everybody there is so friendly. Jason went out of his way to make feel welcomed and special. Our lesson with Eric totally rocked! He was so knowledgeable and patient that my friends and I had a blast on our virgin voyage. Additionally, Eric really taught us to appreciate the essence of being on the water. I can't wait to go again and again!! Thank you so much :-)...."
~ Jennifer A.

"For 5 years I've been coming to Hermosa beach for a week vacation when I had enough of winter in Salt Lake City and this year I wanted to do something different so I google paddle boarding in Hermosa area and I found Tarsan then they refer me to Redondo location because that's where they do lessons.
I booked a private lesson so my instructor will never miss me if for some reason I'll disappear from my board and its well worth $90 that I spent for an hour lesson including board and paddle. The staff at Tarsan are very friendly and patiently answered all my questions since its my first time paddle boarding. My instructor was Eric and he's very knowledgeable and he made the lesson so fun that I was nervous and scared for a good 15 minutes only and within 30 minutes he was able to make me stand on my board and conquered my fears and just paddling, giggling and laughing. On my next vacation I'm definitely booking paddle boarding lessons my entire vacation and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm highly recommending Tarsan if you're looking for a great paddle boarding experience."
~ Anna V

"I had never done it before and was extremely nervous. The staff was so helpful and accommodating and the other paddle boarders were really cool and helped me out too. Great beach vibe from everyone and I can't recommend this place enough!
There is free parking in the lot, too which is unusual since it's so close to the beach. Located right next door to Bay Club gym."
~ Lauren  Y.

"I had a great experience today at TARSAN SUP. My first time ever and they were welcoming and wonderful.  Shoutout to to Bailey our instructor - she's great at her job.  Definitely give this place a try."
~ K. J

"I've been here two times so far and think that the customer service is great. Eric was very knowledgeable and a great instructor. He was very easy to understand. My only complaint is that you have to call a few times to get exact times because they are super busy which I kind of understand but my experience was great!"
~ Laura D.

"Best location. Largest assortment of equipment from beginners to race boards. Qualified instructors who are expert watermen and competitors in many different ocean disciplines. TARSAN is responsible for bringing SUP, Paddle Surfing and SUP Race Training to the South Bay area. Incredibly grateful for being a customer and learning from the very best."
~ Windston W.

"Great for beginners"   ~ Valerie V.

"Extremely sweet staff! Although Yelp said it was closed on Sunday~ it was a mistake and it was open! We rented paddle boards and paddled across the bay in the fog. It was exhilarating (and dangerous) to be paddling in the foggy yet warm weather. The people around us in their boats were very considerate. Will definitely do it again.. fog or sunshine!"
~ Michelle M.

"Coooooool new spot they have here in Redondo Beach!  We rode bikes and they have bike-friendly bike racks available too!  We're about to SUP for our first time here in Redondo Beach :)"
~ Jeff G.

"If you want to learn how to paddle board and do it in a safe place with awesome people - definitely go here! Eric was our instructor, he was super cool and very patient! I went on a semi-private lesson with my sister and both of us stood up on the paddle within 10 minutes. We had a blast and all of our equipment was perfect and we did not fall in once! This is the place to go if you want a great atmosphere to learn, be with fun people, and actually learn how to properly paddle board. You even get to see cute sea lions while you're paddling as well!"
~ Celine M.

"Great selection of SUP gear and Clothing"  ~Terry B.

"Thank you for great tips before we headed out! My daughter and I had an amazing time Stand-up paddle boarding, THANK YOU!"
~ Louise W.

"Great staff & super helpful. The launching point is really great for beginners, Great Location!
~ Sandra D.

"The staff are awesome and very helpful. Great location. Rad paddle boards."
~Juli P.

"Tarsan's Kids camp is a must on my daughters list every year! They love that the instructors guide them and lead them in games, but also give them freedom to explore the marina. The shop owners and instructors are friendly, accommodating and help the girls learn to be safe and confident. This is a fantastic and unique camp experience.
~Steph S.

"Had an amazing time."
~ Veronica H.

"Great people running it. Great workout. All around great experience."
~ Chris S.

"Lotsa fun, nice way to get out on the water!"
~Sue S.

"What an awesome experience! I took a lesson with Brad last Saturday and I loved it! He's such a great instructor, he's very patient and explains things so you really get it. Everyone at Tarsan is sooo friendly, I can't wait to go again!"
~ Renee L.

"First class service and knowledegable staff."
~ Matt C.