They don't call it Battle of the Paddle for nothing.  Read about the:

BOP Distance Race

BOP Woman's Elite

Tarsan Team member takes 1st place at Cold Hands Paddle 2014

​Another Tarsan Team member taking a win! Malibu Downwinder 2014


TARSAN has hosted clinics from the likes of Danny Ching, Annabel Anderson and Sean Poynter.  Here's a peek into a clinic that Danny Ching held at TARSAN.



We've all been there.  How do you and your board survive the impact of a wave?

New to the sport?  Everyone has to start sometime.  Here are a few beginner tips.

Tips from the top with Chase Kosterlitz.


Quickblades Trifecta and V-Drive.  Hear why people veer to one versus the other.

Quickblade demonstrates how to remove water from your paddle shaft. 

Quickblade's Paddle lineup.

Danny Ching talks about Hippo Stick's Al Pro.

​Blade size has you confused?  Not sure which size is right for you?  Find out here.